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High Plains School Mourning Death of Student

Feb 5th, 2016
Austin Fritz, a sophomore at High Plains Community School in Polk, passed away last Thursday from apparent meningitis. The Central District Health Center was contacted and immediate support and information was provided.Read more »

Little Houses on the Ridge - Dick Tschantre’s Miniature Labors of Love

Feb 5th, 2016
ERIN DICKEY - Peeking through a set of paned windows, little eyes light-up as their imagination takes them into their very own fairy-tale life that they can create. Complete with little furniture, miniature people and tiny doorknobs this fairy-tale is played out for little girls who spend countless hours behind a small house that they call their own. Memories of a little life wrapped-up in the intricate details of everything small, bring a lot of people back to their nostalgic childhood days when life was as simple as a doll and doll house. Read more »

High Plains Storm Are CRC Champions

Feb 5th, 2016

High Plains Storm took 1st place in the CRC Tournament held in York. Opening night they defeated East Butler 65-31. On Thursday, January 28 they defeated Cross County 45-43 and in the finals it was HP over BDS 47-43. Team members are: (back row left to right) Coach Cameron Hudson, Andrew Adelson, Gage Dush, Greg Mundorf, Morgan Miller, Andrew Schuller, Josh DeMers, Bo Dittmer, Ian Anderson, Coach John Kucera (front row left to right) sm Caleb Swedenburg, sm Tyler McNaught, Thomas Young, Gavin Swanson, Sam Johnson, Kyler VanHousen, Omar Ramirez, Tanner Parsons, Riley Carlstrom, sm Trevor Carlstrom, Coach Nick Rodine Read more »