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Craig Beebe and Sue Lehn Named 2016 Festival Royalty

Jun 23rd, 2016
Craig Beebe and Sue Lehn were named 2016 Midsommar Swedish Festival Kind and Queen on Friday, June 17 in the Stromsburg Town Square. The 2015 royalty, Cheri Giannou and Bob Greenwall presented the new king and queen with their crowns and robes. Attendants of the 2016 royal court include Lucy Jones, daughter of Jeff and Abby Jones, Piyper Berggren, daughter of Mickey and Krystal Berggren, Dane Jarosz, son of Tom and Christine Jarosz and Bode Berggren, son of Ben and Christy Berggren. Read more »

Laura Winkler Reavis Presented with 2016 Honorary Swede

Jun 23rd, 2016
Each year at the Swedish Festival, recognition is given to a person who grew up in this community, graduated from Stromsburg High School, but who has spent most or all of their adult life in a location other than here, and who has made significant contributions in one or more areas of their vocational, civic, community, artistic, educational and religious life. This recognition is called the Honorary Swede for the Festival. Many are eligible and deserving of such recognition, and it is unfortunate that only one such person is acknowledged each year. It is a tribute to the families and institutions of this community at that so many have done so well. This year's Honoree is Laura Winkler Reavis. Read more »

Festival Super Swedes Are Wayne and Judy Beatty

Jun 23rd, 2016
"Here comes Santa Claus Here comes Santa Claus Right down Santa Claus Lane and there beside him Is Mrs. Santa Claus Holding a peppermint cane! Hearing that has probably helped you guess that the 2016 Super Swedes are Wayne and Judy Beatty! Wayne and Judy are well known in a four county area for their ability to create some Christmas magic. Starting early in the Christmas season, these two people being love, laughter and happiness to countless families, organization, nursing homes, schools and community gathering. Read more »