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It’s a Birdie?! It’s an Eagle?! It’s Disc Golf! - Stromsburg’s New Course Open

Aug 25th, 2016
No tee time? No problem. Stromsburg's Buckley Park has a new recreational addition and its ready for everyone to enjoy. A nine hole Disc golf course has been installed in the north division of Buckley Park, thanks to a local Life Scout who is working towards earning his wings and rank as an Eagle Scout. Hunter Miller, a senior at Cross County and a Life Scout with Stromsburg Troop 241, took on the entirety of the planning, organizing, leading and managing of the development of the Disc golf course.Read more »

Farm to Fork - The Dish on Cross County’s Beef Booster Program

Aug 25th, 2016
It's moving so slow. Resting your hand on your face the words from the textbook in front of you turn into a blur as you watch the thin hand of the clock rhythmically and very slowly make its way clock-wise. The grumbles coming from your stomach mock you as you regret not listening to your mom this morning 'make sure you eat ALL your breakfast ...' It's mid-morning and one your favorite times of the day is still an hour away. If lunch were considered a subject, it would undoubtedly fall into one of the top spots for a student's school day. Over at the Cougar Cafe at Cross County School, lunch means more than just full stomachs and updated social conversations. Thanks to the newly formed Cross County Beef Boosters program, Cross County will be substituting and serving local beef versus government commodity beef; a win for the school, students and community. Read more »

Clarks Methodist Church Celebrates 150 Years

Aug 25th, 2016
It's really no coincidence and moreover, actually appropriate, that the Clarks United Methodist Church will be celebrating the 150 year history of its denomination at Clarks, on the same weekend as the town is set to observe its own sesquicentennial milestone; since, their nearly simultaneous beginnings are more than just a little entwined with each other. The same year that the Union Pacific Railroad began laying rails through the area and platted out the original village of Clarksville; a young, David Marquette, was embarking on a new venture as an itinerant circuit-riding preacher. Read more »